Bring adventuring worlds to life with

Give your role-playing a boost with a set of sixteen, full colour, double sided, illustrated map tiles. Quickly create scenes for your game from these modular maps. The tiles are compatible with dry-wipe non permanent markers* and are printed over a subtle 1" grid pattern for extra playability. A must for any tabletop gamer.

"The idea is to provide gamers of all ages with a modular system for quickly setting up maps to play out encounters," said head designer, Sean Pringle Kosikowsky.  "We see this as an extension of our resin terrain for wargamers, it's all about bringing imaginary worlds to life and giving games greater depth simply and easily, over and over again.”

Town and Wilderness Set

This double sided, 16 tile town and wilderness set includes:

Two floors of a tavern, two floors of a mansion, blacksmith, stables, temple, graveyard, guardhouse, small shops, small housing, five town road sections, four open grassland tiles, two grassland with crags, three woodland tiles, four road tiles, ruined building, peasant's hut and an outdoor camp.

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*Try your Dry-Wipe marker on a small section first to see if your marker is compatible with the finish on the tile and do not allow pen to remain on boards for long periods of time.