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We produce high quality resin tabletop terrain and scenery as well as a range of map tiles for use use with roleplaying games. Red Dragon Gaming are a pair of wargaming and roleplaying enthusiasts who have been making, painting, using and displaying terrain for many years, and now our work is available to buy online. Please also contact us if you wish to know about our methods or any part of our production. We would be happy to hear from you.

For the story of how we got here, please click here for an article we wrote for The Beasts of War online community.




We have had reviews from Nerdarchy (5:20) for our Adventure Realm tiles, Winters SEO, and Chris from The Tabletop Wargamers for our terrain on Youtube. This is a good chance to see our products up close, so please have a look.

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We are continually bringing out new designs, and if you would like to be kept in touch with what we have available and any special offers please sign up for our newsletter. 

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